Θ & EA - Sense Less (adventurous music: bandcamp and art brochure)
Θ track in Hotel Rwanda benefit compilation (Industrial coast: bandcamp)
Θ sound score for Sound the Alarm (Mattima Films: bandcamp & IMDB)
Θ (ft PSYWARFARE, Thomas Boettner, Spit pile & Ester Kärkkäinen) - Daemonum Desperatio (deathbed tapes: cassette & digital)
Θ track in Radical Ambient Music (bandcamp)

Θ track in Arctic Atonal Assembly - mørketid (total division: bandcamp)
IS0LATIØN - coagulation (rural isolation project: bandcamp)
metatag soundscore in the Andy Lefton video World Suicide (youtube)
Θ (ft Ester Kärkkäinen) - Company of Derealisation (Matriarch Records: Digital, CD & patch)
Θ - New Moon Oct 25 2022 (1tracktape: Digital)
Θ & contagious orgasm - Island (oxidation: cassette & digital)
Θ - Ipos Tasis (Goetia productions: CD & Digital)
Θ - vision of one (zoharum records: CD)
Θ - core value (Matriarch Records: digital, CD & t-shirt)
Θ track in Redd Repparfjord (studio vann: bandcamp)
Θ cover in Deconstructed::Reconstructed (Crass) (Industrial coast: cassette)
Θ & Gruntsplatter & Envenomist - At The End Of The Road (crionic mind: CD & digital)
Θ & Envenomist - The Barrens (crionic mind: CD & digital)
Θ & PSYWARFARE - Inevitable Silence (contraband: cassette & bandcamp)
Pangaion - Tables turned (Megastructure: cassette & bandcamp)
tjære - dråpe trilogy (Turgid Animal:3xc60 cassette and digital)

Θ - pointless (total division: bandcamp)
Θ - pressure (deathbed tapes: bandcamp)
Θ - deprived (total division: bandcamp)
Θ - Total Division (Zoharum: bandcamp)
Θ soundscore in MadMicrobe video Stinger (MadMicrobe: vimeo & company page)
Θ & Yann Ics - Solutions (adventurous music: bandcamp)
Θ & The Corvidae Cabal - Primordial Shadows (total division: bandcamp)
Θ & nyppy - Black Door (adventurous music: bandcamp & photobook)
Θ vs. EN NIHIL - abandoned survival (NO RENT: label & bandcamp)
Θ remix in nyppy - sol (nyppy: bandcamp)
Θ nyppy cover in AM 10th Anniversary (adventurous music: bandcamp)
glacial mass cover in IC vs Extreme Noise Terror (Industrial coast: cassette)
tjære - tvang trussel (Strange Noise Records: digital & reel to reel)
mass ejection - molten vasts (malignant records: label & bandcamp)

Θ - ΣΚΟΤΟΣ (total division: bandcamp)
Θ - void plan (Chondritic Sound: cassette & digital)
Θ - phobia (HgM: cassette & digital)
Θ - burn (SGFF: cassette & digital)
Θ - isolation frequency (Soft Error: bandcamp)
Θ - angst (Industrial Coast: cassette & digital)
Θ vs. fecalove Virus Battle: Lyssa Vs Syphillis (HgM: cassette & digital)
Θ vs. agent of doom Virus Battle: Black Death Vs Hendra (HgM: cassette & digital)
Θ video in Videozine 01 (Hel Audio: video, audio)
Θ track in Industrial Coast V/A - 2nd Anniversary (Industrial Coast: cassette)
Θ track in Heal The People, Heal The Land (A Beautiful Idea: bandcamp)
Θ remix in Mental Overdrive - Integratron Remixes (Love OD: digital)
Θ cover in Industrial Conflict (Industrial coast: cassette)
Θ cover in Coastal Clash Soundsystem (Industrial coast: cassette)
Θ in Tau Cross - Messengers of Deception (Easy Action: bandcamp)
glacial mass - misanthropia (Industrial coast: cassette, digital)
glacial mass cover in Southern Discomfort / Northern Distortion - A Tribute to Mike IX Williams (Industrial coast: cassette)
tjære - tredje dråpe (Turgid Animal: digital)
tjære - andre dråpe (Turgid Animal: digital)
tjære - første dråpe (Turgid Animal: digital)
metatag - four (MarsMelons: digital)
ISØLATIØN - the Other Cheek (Jouissance du Rien: cassette, digital)
ISØLATIØN - Pandemic (Deathbed tapes: cassette, digital)
Dreadcore (feat Θ) - Ends (Dreadcore: bandcamp)

Θ - distract (dead media recordings: cassette & digital) 
Θ - requiem (TIEP: bandcamp)
Θ - 1÷1 (self-released: bandcamp)
Θ - matter (ADVV: bandcamp) 
Θ (feat Dreadcore) - Reclaimed structures (Acroplane: bandcamp)
Dreadcore (feat Θ) - Schematics (Acroplane: bandcamp)
metatag in Extinction Rebellion short video OST (tromsø.nu: instagram)

Θ - orogen (ADVV: bandcamp) 
Θ in WAR//PLAGUE - Into The Depths (Phobia: bandcamp)
Θ in Hello X podcast OST (Ice-9: project, podcasts)
metatag in Hello X podcast OST (Ice-9: project, podcasts)

Θ in Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire (Relapse: bandcamp)
Θ & Mitsumidai - The Hand OST (trailer, info, info)
metatag - no backup (Game of life: bandcamp)

Θ - last (Hel Audio: bandcamp)
Θ & Mitsumidai - Uptake Fear OST (IMDB, Hel Audio: bandcamp)

metatag - surrender (Hel Audio: bandcamp)

Θ & EOAS - cloud of drones (bandcamp)
metatag - transmission (Hel Audio: bandcamp)

Θ - æ ω (Hel Audio: bandcamp)
Θ & EOAS - true night sky (bandcamp)