about Θ


Θ (Theta) employs metaphysics and biometrics to stimulate mental and physical reactions. The result is close to dark ambient with a noisy texture that flirts between dystopian crust punk and existential bl(e)ack metal. Θ uses any type of media that can lead to sound experiments that, even though thoroughly planned, allow the planned system to express probabilistic individuality. Θ develops sounds that are inspired by nature and technology, but mostly by the interaction and thresholds between the two and the dystopias this interaction can lead to. Θ has broad musical origins from mouldy hardcore punk to early experimentalists such as Xenakis and everything worthy in between. Θ originates from the city Drama, Northern Greece and is located in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

Θ has been releasing music since 2013 and is also half of the duos metatag and isølatiøn. Θ has been collaborating with Mitsumidai on Brazilian horror film soundtracks (Uptake Fear & the Hand), background music for podcasts and has contributed with soundscapes and atmospherics for Tau Cross and WAR//PLAGUE albums.

Θ is continuously working on new material and in parallel works on collaborations with various artists.


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